The first Natural Question Answering as a Service for enterprise IT and cloud.

Sparrow provides answers to product questions from any document and content sources across the enterprise instantly. It understands who the user is, and has IT infrastructure and cloud domain expertise to provide precise, contextual answers.

Our Process

Answers from content sources across the enterprise

Sparrow aggregates contents from any document, application and content sources in the enterprise. It understands intent, context and semantics and provides accurate answers.


Rich applications with RESTful API

Javascript Widget

Embeddable widget with no code

Web Application

Self-service portal

Deeper Product Engagement

Sparrow provides product users and practitioners answers to complex product questions.

It answers questions from any documents and content sources across the enterprise and provides personalized recommendations.

Faster customer support

It significantly reduces support burden with instant responses to technical questions.

Sparrow understands user’s questions and provides answers to product usage and support questions by reading millions of documents across the enterprise in milliseconds.

Easy to setup and deploy

Sparrow has IT infrastructure and cloud domain expertise.

It automatically adapts to new enterprise-specific concepts, and is ready to run hours after setup, without months of dataset creation and training.

Easy to use

Sparrow can be by accessed through web portal, REST API, or single-line javascript integration

Secure, Scalable, Highly Available

Sparrow is deployed on AWS and GCP cloud

SecuritySupports Data encryption,
IAM and data ownership

Follows best security practices to help enterprise meet security and compliance requirements.

ScalableDeployed across multiple regions and availability zones in the Cloud

Scale-out architecture for low latency, fast and consistent experience when serving complex ML models even with increased load

Highly AvailabilityReliable with
99.99% Availability

Architected ground-up for reliability and availability. Fault-tolerant and highly available architecture for answers when you needed.


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